Arete is leading a conversation around mental health in sports and equipping youth athletes with the tools they need to triumph.

When it comes to mental health, we believe prevention and education is crucial. We create a space for youth athletes to reach out and seek support, without fear of stigma. We’re instilling mental health literacy in athletes from a young age. This ensures we set them up with healthy behaviours, frameworks and tools to help them navigate the challenges of life; in and out of sport.

The problem

10 - 19

Suicide is the leading cause of death in young Australians between the ages of 10 and 19

1 in 4

young australians experience a mental illness


of mental illnesses onset before the age of 24

1 in 3

elite athletes experience depression or anxiety annually

Our program

When a club signs up to our program we make a 12 month commitment.

We collaborate with sporting clubs to design and deliver tailored mental fitness workshops. Each session runs for 60 minutes.

Drawing on evidence based research, our highly skilled psychologists share practical methods and inspiration to live well and perform at your best as an individual or team.

Delivery style

Our approach is a mix of information sharing, applied skills practice, individual and group reflection.

We encourage critical thinking and experience sharing for a deep exploration of ideas and skills.

We provide supporting references and resources for further research beyond the training experience.

Who Delivers Our Program?

Mental Health Professionals

Our program has been developed by mental health experts including psychologists, sports scientists, sports dietitians and physiotherapists. It is delivered by psychologists.

Professional Athletes

Professional athletes may at times attend a workshop to share their story and support the education sessions we deliver. While the majority of the session content is delivered by our experts, the role of the professional athlete is to

  • Answer any questions
  • Break down barriers to seeking professional help
  • Talk through a lived experience

Our backers & supporters

Why Us?

  • Developed and facilitated by psychologists
  • Ongoing support through our mobile app and online platform
  • Implementing a mental fitness plan within your club's culture
Creating a positive environment to empower athletes to thrive


This workshop aims to break down the barriers of talking about mental health and learning how to role model positive action to improve coaches’ understanding and awareness.We support coaches to create an environment of trust and respect to encourage athletes to thrive and reach their full potential.

Learning Outcomes

Build strong relationships and strong teams

Create a space for growth

Connect and encourage conversations between one another

Understanding the importance of mental fitness and ways to build it


Our presentation, developed by experts has been designed to help young athletes learn the importance of mental fitness and be shown practical ways to build it.

Learning Outcomes

Build strength, flexibility and endurance to thrive in moments that matter

Learn how to create a mentally fit mindset

Use mindfulness techniques to manage physical and mental discomfort

Raising and connecting with your adolescent athlete


Being an athlete’s parent can be challenging. We explore techniques on how best to communicate and connect with your adolescent athlete, in the presence of pressure and opportunities of sport.

Learning Outcomes

Know when to step back and let your child learn and when to provide guidance, support and even a little push - connection before comfort

Manage your emotions first

How growth and failure come hand in hand

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