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What is Arete?

Arete is a preventative and early intervention tool designed to build youth athletes’ mental fitness. Arete comprises of 3 main features:

  1. Wellbeing Coach - An artificially intelligent chatbot in the form of a Wellbeing Coach who helps users monitor their mood and build mental fitness and resilience through conversation. Drawing from a therapeutic framework known as Acceptance and Commitment Therapy, the Mental Wellbeing Coach checks in on how you’re feeling and what’s going on in your life via brief daily conversations.
  2. Arete Academy - Our streaming platform, is packed full of real, raw and inspiring stories shared by pro-athletes, coaches and sporting experts. Get exclusive access to the unfiltered accounts of what it takes to make it as a pro athlete and the lessons t. The Arete Academy is accelerating the conversation of mental fitness by dealing with the tough questions and realities of pro sporting life.
  3. Wellbeing Tracker - this simple approach encourages users to be reflective and take charge of their health and wellbeing. It acts as a basis to engage in important conversations with parents, friends and coaches.

How does the chatbot work?

Arete combines the latest in AI-technology and Natural Language Processing techniques, with the expertise of sport psychologists, educators, coaches, nutritionists and physiotherapists, to give athletes the help they need, in a form they want, and in a way that sticks. The list of topics we cover is growing by the day, each module designed to equip athletes with the tools they need to thrive.

What is the science behind the suggested techniques?

Our Wellbeing Coach is trained in the latest clinically-validated approaches to sport psychology. Arete integrates traditional methods of sport psychology with approaches of Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT). Our user-centred design advances traditional therapy methods, and creates genuine innovation that enhances meaningful growth.

What is ACT?

ACT helps users change their relationship with emotions in a positive way. ACT helps athletes move from performing well only when they feel good, to performing well, no matter what they feel. As opposed to feeling stuck when down, or anxious, ACT can help athletes stop struggling with feelings, and focus on what truly matters to them

What are Arete's core principles?

You can read about Arete's core principles here.

Who is Arete designed to help?

We have built Arete for athletes from grassroots level right through to an elite athlete. We encourage anyone to try it and see if Arete is a fit for you. Feel free to give us feedback via the app or email us at hello@getarete.com

Where can I chat with the Arete Wellbeing Coach?

The Arete app is available on iOS and Android devices!

Are you trying to replace therapists?

Absolutely not. There will always be a need for traditional therapy and therapists, and there is no replacement for human connection. Arete is an additional resource that is available in a very different way than more traditional methods of seeking help.

Is my data private?

Yes, Arete does not request your personal data.

The details of your conversations are never shared with any external parties outside Arete, including any partners. Communication between mobile apps and the backend uses HTTPS protocol to ensure that the data cannot be intercepted

Do I have to use my real name?

If you are an individual athlete, you may use any name you choose. If you are a part of a team or club, we recommend you fill in your Full name so that your coach can recognise you. Your conversations are still never shared with your coach/club even if you have signed up through your club.

Who can read and use my messages?

Only Arete. The Arete team occasionally uses some messages, which are anonymous, to train your Mental Wellbeing Coach to help improve it's ability to have conversations. Any identity specific data is removed, so no-one can ever know who said what. Also, no-one outside of Arete will ever have access to chat messages.

How will my conversations and responses to the wellbeing check-in be used?

Your conversation responses are anonymous and sometimes used to improve Arete's ability to understand you better and ways to enhance your experience.

Your responses are not processed to form a diagnostic opinion nor processed for any medical purposes or for giving clinical advice. Please read our Privacy Policy to understand more about how your data is handled.

If you have signed up through your club, they will receive the results of your daily wellbeing check-in. This will provide them with a holistic overview of how you are and will allow conversations to take place between one another.

What does the coach or club do with my data?

In sports, it is not viable for coaches to talk to each of you on a daily basis to see how you feel, how you slept, or how fatigued you feel. Wellbeing check-ins allow your coaches to obtain this valuable information in a fast and easy to process way Essentially this acts as a prompt for starting a conversation between you and your coach and allows coaches to help mange the you 24/7. which has a positive effect on your athletic performance.

What security measures are taken?

Arete uses industry-standard safeguards to prevent unauthorised access to your data. We encrypt all data provided by you using strong TLS encryption protocols and transmitted securely from your mobile device to our servers. Our servers are hosted and managed by industry leaders in the provision of cloud hosting services who have stringent GDPR and HIPAA compliant security programs and controls. We maintain service level and Data Protection agreements with our hosting partners. Please read our Privacy Policy to know more about how we secure your data.

Where do you store my data? Is it safe?

Your data is encrypted and securely stored in Virtual Private Cloud servers physically located in Sydney, Australiaso how do we . We have taken appropriate safeguards by contracting with our sub-processors which includes standard contractual clauses approved by the European Union (EU) data protection authorities. Please read our Privacy Policy to know more about how we secure your data.

How can I delete my account?

Email us here and let us know you want your account deleted.

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