Take your athletes to the next level

Equip your athletes with mental fitness they need to thrive

We help coaches amplify their impact and form stronger relationships with their athletes. With Arete, you can gain deeper insight into your athletes’ mental fitness, allowing you to develop more effective training sessions, tailored to their needs. Currently, 1 in 3 athletes experience anxiety or depression. Arete is the simple way to proactively manage your athlete’s mental fitness and build their resilience.

Train their minds, not just their muscles

Developed with experts, our app is loaded with scientifically-backed tools and techniques that help your athletes thrive. Through data gathered and shared, coaches can gain a holistic overview of an individual or team’s mental wellbeing. This allows you to offer guidance when it’s most needed and tailor training programs to maximise your athletes’ performance.

How It works

Gain a holistic overview

As athletes track their wellbeing, data is securely captured and compiled daily or weekly onto the Coaches’ Dashboard. Through this data, coaches gain a holistic overview of an individual and team’s wellbeing.

Tailor your training

From monitoring data on the Coaches’ Dashboard, coaches can understand in real time the inner workings of their athletes.  This allows them to offer support when it’s needed most and tailor training sessions to maximise their athletes’ performance.

Stay informed with alerts

The Arete system alerts coaches to any dips in their athlete's wellbeing, such as low mood or high stress. These automated alerts support coaches in caring for their athletes, providing them with the resources they need to safeguard their athletes.

Assess readiness and prevent injury

Our evidence-based methods provide coaches with a real time picture of each athlete’s risk of injury and developmental readiness. It helps coaches adjust training programs based on an individual’s response to load. Tracking this is essential to  improve performance safely and reduce the risk of injury in youth athletes.

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