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You train your body every day but what about your mind?

Your mind and mood impacts your athletic performance as much as your physical strength does. In just a few minutes a day, Arete can help improve your mental wellbeing so you can handle pressure, push yourself further and overcome setbacks like a champion.

Personal coach in your pocket

Arete is like a personal coach in your pocket. Whether for daily check-ins, advice or to talk through your pre-competition nerves, everything you need to perform your best is at your fingertips and completely anonymous

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How It works

24/7 Support

Whether you’re struggling with the pressure of performing, feeling anxious about an upcoming match or just need a chat, Arete is there for you, whenever and wherever you need them, at the touch of a button.

Gamified and personalised

Build your mental health muscles by completing interactive challenges and earn real life rewards as you go. It’s like burpees for your brain, minus the sweat and pain.

Track your progress

Monitor your mental and physical health through daily check-ins and discover just how much your mind impacts performance. Learn to identify patterns and triggers and know when it’s time to take action or reach out for support.

Review and reassess

Discover more about yourself by reviewing your wellbeing data so you can continue growing. Or share your data with your coach so they can tailor your training and optimise your performance.

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