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Founder & CEO
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Chief Marketing Officer
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Operations Manager
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Sports Psychologist
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Sports Dietitian
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About Us

We’re leading a conversation around mental health in sports and equipping youth athletes with the tools they need to triumph.

When it comes to mental illness, we believe prevention and education is crucial. We create a space for youth athletes to reach out and seek support, without fear of stigma. We’re instilling mental health literacy in athletes from a young age. This ensures we set them up with the right behaviours, frameworks and tools to help them navigate the challenges of life; on and off the field.

Our story

Every day, rising stars face new challenges and new environments that challenge the depths of their mental fitness.
It seemed madness to me that we spend so much time and effort strengthening the muscles of youth athletes, without even thinking about strengthening their minds. This contradiction inspired me to create Arete.

We’re here to support youth athletes 24/7; build their mental resilience and equip them with tools to serve them for life.  It wasn’t just an idea. It was something I had to do. Arete is leading a much-needed conversation around mental health and sports. We’re pioneering a pro-active approach that builds mental fitness from day one, instead of waiting until mental illness develops. And we’re working with youth athletes so they develop healthy habits that stay with them for life. 

Together, we created Arete, to focus on building mental fitness from the start, rather than alleviating mental illness once it has developed. With a team of professionals behind us, including sports psychologists, physiotherapists, dietitians and coaches, our app uses innovative technology to offer proven techniques that are fun, simple and effective.

Our Principles

Youth Athletes First

We are for the next generation of athletes. We speak to them on their terms and are here to help them conquer the challenges they face every day.

We Do Our Homework

We offer research-backed strategies and techniques from top psychologists to help youth athletes discover and break their own limits.

We Give You The Keys

We use innovative technology to give young athletes the tools they need to manage their mental wellbeing, now and in the future.

We're Proudly Proactive

We don’t wait until there’s a problem to react. We take initiative with the goal of minimising the likelihood of mental illness in later life.

We're Enlightened Advocates

We know that it’s OK not to be OK and want to shout it from the rooftops. We’re here to break the stigma around mental health in sport and create a supportive, judgment-free zone.

We're Your Greatest Champion

The relationship youth athletes have with our app is intimate and we recognise that privilege. We’re loyal, caring, supportive and always have your back.


For too long, we’ve only celebrated the hero’s journey.

The medals, the trophies and the records.
We don’t want to know about the struggles, the heartaches, the battles.
And certainly not the battles of our minds.
But the mind matters.

We believe drills and reps will only get you so far;
it’s a strong, resilient mind that unlocks true greatness.
We see the mind as a muscle. It can be trained, stretched, tested and tried.
And when it’s in good shape, it will really come through for you when you need it most.

The Arete athlete has the will to win.
The Arete athlete doesn’t know limits.
The Arete athlete has an unfair advantage.
The Arete athlete can find fuel when the tank’s empty.
And best of all, Arete is with you for life.

We’re for young athletes that know tough muscles are nothing without tough minds.
For those ready to discover just how deep their greatness runs.

Arete is the ancient Greek concept of excellence and reaching your potential.
Since the dawn of time, we’ve aspired to be our best.
But achieving Arete doesn’t just happen.
It requires a resilient, strong and primed mind, ready for anything.

And the journey starts now…

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