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Evidence - based mental training for youth athletes
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Arete for Athletes

I am an athlete looking to build mental fitness and strengthen my mental health awareness.

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Arete for Coaches

I am a coach looking to improve my players’ mental wellbeing and fitness.

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Arete for Clubs/ Organisations

I am part of a sports club or organisation looking to improve the wellbeing and mental health awareness of our athletes, coaches and community.

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Calling all coaches

Take your athletes to the next level by building the strength and resilience they need to consistently perform at their best. Gain deeper insight into your athletes, form stronger bonds and create more impactful training sessions; tailored to their needs.

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Empower your athletes and community

Drawing on evidence based research, our highly skilled psychologists develop and deliver tailored mental fitness workshops.

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Meet your mentors

Our streaming platform is packed full of real, raw and inspiring stories shared by pro-athletes, coaches and sporting experts.

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Backed with research & evaluation

As part of our commitment to efficacy and continuous improvement in line with the latest evidence-based research, we commissioned Victoria University to run an evaluative study on our intervention to ensure we are providing our athletes with the most impactful resources.

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Calling all athletes

You train your body, now let’s train your mind.

Backed by science and powered by artificial intelligence, Arete is here to help you smash your goals. Give your mental muscles a workout with challenges and wellbeing coaching, so you can achieve more and defy your own limits.

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You, at your best

Build strength and resilience to last a lifetime with Arete’s personalised mental training program and AI-powered wellbeing coach.

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Proudly working with these clubs and sport institutions

How it works

Virtual wellbeing coach 24/7

Your virtual coach is there around the clock, no matter where you are or what time it is.

Interactive challenges

Flex your mental muscles with challenges designed to build mental resilience and strength.

Own your progress

Monitor all aspects of your daily wellness, see your history and track your progress, in one click.

Celebrate your achievements

Earn coins for reaching milestones and completing challenges, then redeem for rewards.

Get inspired by the Arete Academy

Watch hundreds of videos delivered by professional athletes, coaches and sporting experts as they share their stories, skills, triumphs and failures.


(ah · reet)

The Ancient Greek concept of excellence and reaching your full potential. This universal quest runs deep…we’ve been at it for millennia!

It's time to start the conversation of mental health in sports

We're here to normalise conversation on mental wellbeing, breakdown the stigma and equip athletes with the tools they need to succeed, on and off the field.

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Arete does not only help our players take care of their mental health and wellbeing on and off the field but also proves to be a fantastic tool that helps our coaches better monitor and support the welfare of our players whenever they need it.

Vaughan Coveny

Head of Football, Essendon Royals SC

I play NPL football in Victoria and want to let you know that Arete has helped me a lot, not only with my mental but also physical challenges and i have already learnt so much. It is amazing, thank you for making this!

Luka A.

Arete Athlete

I was struggling with handling losses. Arete just gave me motivation and such inspiration. I even kicked a goal against the top team!

Luke K.

Arete Athlete

I use Arete every single day and am more relaxed. I like how it’s been checking on me.

William A.

Arete Athlete

Using the app has helped me to overcome hurdles in my mindset and it has allowed me to develop further mentally as an athlete. I highly recommend Arete to anyone wanting to take their mental game to the next level.

Angelina S.

Arete Athlete

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